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Tom Brady’s in a new commercial

So, it may not be as catchy as ‘Chicken Parm you taste so good.’ I’m talking about Tom Brady’s new commercial, which he makes calls from an office instead of making calls at the line of scrimmage. It may not…

Video; Greatest moments in Boston sports history

This is an amazing look back at just how lucky Boston sports fans have been through the years and certainly in my lifetime. This video is excellently done and encompasses just about every moment I can remember in Boston sports…

Should Lucic be getting so much crap for comments?

First line Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic had some choice words for Alexei Emelin and Dale Weise after the Bruins got ousted by the Canadiens and the comments have been highly debated on my timeline for the past few days. In short, the quote…

Video; Brady’s even a boss at golfing

First and foremost, I do find it amazing that Brady never fails to credit his teammates and coaching for the Patriots titles. He also says how hard it is to win and no one knows more than him, and Patriots fans, as New England has…

Lucic; Harsh Words For Habs Emelin

As the Bruins streak came to a close, shoot-out fashion, last evening against the Montreal Canadiens, there was a separate storyline between Milan Lucic and Alexei Emelin. Emelin went low on Lucic within the first two minutes of the game…

Video; Bruins New Defenseman Fights Providence Bruins Player

Well, this is the Bruins newest defenseman Blake Parlett whome they acquired via trade with the Columbus Blue Jackets. In March of last season, Parlett fought Providence Bruins Tyler Randell. I think it’s safe to say he got his butt whooped. All in the past.

Josh Brown

Video: Shawn Thornton With a Sick Goal Against Tim Thomas

Every so often, Shawn Thornton can pull something out of his bag of tricks and he chose to do it against former Bruins goalie Tim Thomas. The goal put the Bruins up 5-2 with 11:46 left in the third period and basically sealed the game. Enjoy this sick goal:


Video: Jonathan Martin of the Dolphins Breaks Silence

After months of silence, Martin breaks his silence on an interview with NBC Nightly News with Tony Dungy.

This right here is the reason why the Dolphins have a way to go until they become a contender in the AFC East to the Patriots. What a huge story throughout the season and it brought bullying to light so much that the NFLPA stepped in and things will be different in locker room’s forever.

Photo: Gronkowski Shopping on Scooter



The Patriots tight end was spotted at a Whole Foods riding around in a scooter. He posed with a couple of fans and looks to be in good spirits. We at TitleTownTalk are just happy he’s not giving someone the back-breaker over his knee on stage. Carry on.

Milan Lucic Fights Luke Gazdic; Video

Milan Lucic squared off against Luke Gazdik in a heavy weight battle on Thursday night. The Bruins came away with the win as they beat the Oilers 4-2 to make it three straight wins for the B’s.