Doubting Jimmy G is for the Birds

I am not the only one to admit I did not think the Patriots would beat the Arizona Cardinals on the road Sunday with no Brady and an injury ridden offense, but doubting Bill Belichick and the Patriots is just flat-out stupidity.

Jimmy Garoppolo passed his first test with flying colors against a top-notch team and will only grow from here, so all you 2-2 and 1-3 doubters can re-evaluate your life choices.

No one was sure Jimmy G would be ready to take on Arizona, well except Jimmy G and Belichick as they proved us all wrong. He came into the game with a measly 31 career QB attempts, but looked incredibly poised and ready to go. He saw the field really well and though he sometimes waited until the last possible second to get rid of the ball, he still made it work.

Garoppolo completed 24 of 33 attempts for 264 yards with one 37-yard touchdown to Chris Hogan. Though he fumbled once, he threw no interceptions, had 12 yards rushing and had one pass catch. Yes, you read that correctly, he threw to himself. How many QBs do you know that can do that? He also converted three downs on what would be the winning drive against a defense that finished third in DVOA in 2015 and now has former Patriot Chandler Jones in their repertoire.

I am ecstatic to see Jimmy G’s growth after such a great start. Sure, teams will now have more film and be able to pick apart his strengths and weaknesses, but he has now gained the confidence and support of the tough Patriots fan base and will only continue to grow under Belichick and Josh McDaniels. Hey, even the GOAT Tom Brady said he thought he was great, so we have a fun season ahead of us Pats fans.