William Hyland


Will is a Sports Management major at Colby Sawyer College. He is well-versed in all sports and covers all the major Boston sports teams for Boston’s TitleTownTalk. He is a regular guest on TitleTownTalk the podcast. He also hosts his own podcast called ‘The Sports Guys.’ William pioneered Hyland Hot Take Friday’s, which is series on Boston’s TitleTownTalk where he gives his unique perspective on hot topics around all four major Boston sports teams.


William is a feature journalist at Boston’s TitleTownTalk and he’ll be covering major Boston sports stories year round. At TitleTownTalk, it’s more about analysis of the news surrounding our beloved Boston teams and William will give you his unique and professional analysis on anything and everything. William will also be a regualr gues on TitleTownTalk the podcast, which airs every Tuesday on TitleTownTalk’s homepage. Read all of Will’s articles here.

Contact info: 

Twitter: @WillHyland